Series: IPH Series Kits

When equipping the CAB Air Bleed Off Valve on the pump's discharge side it helps to simplify air bleeding during test operation.

IHF Series Pipe Flange Kit combines the flanges, bolts, washers, and O-rings required for each type of pump into a single kit. The component parts table shows the screw in type flange kit. In the case of the welded type flange, the flange part number is IH03J-200040 (1 of IH03J100040 changes to 2). All other included parts are the same.

IHM Series Pipe Flange Kit can be used when only the mounting feet are required for a single pump or double pump. Pump mounting bolts, washers and other parts are sold together as the Foot Mounting Kit

IHP is the radial piston kit** for the standard IPH Pump

IHQ is the axial plate kit*** for the standard IPH Pump

Values provided may differ based on other specifications. Please consult the product documentation for values specific to the model number.
*Please consult product documentation for specific values