Description: Small Variable Volume Vane Pump

High Efficiency Operation With Minimal Power Loss The VDS Small Variable Volume Vane Pump features all the performance of the original VDR series but with precise machining that helps to minimize power loss, especially at full cutoff.
Quiet Operation Journal bearings with a proven record on IP Pumps and new suction and discharge port configurations that reduce operating noise with minimal vibration, even in the high pressure range.
Compact and Simple Design, Easy Operation The VDS Small Variable Volume Vane Pump is economical and easy to handle. Its simple design allows for use in a wide range of hydraulic systems.
Precise Characteristics, Prompt Response Prompt response at both ON-OFF / OFF-ON ensures instantaneous, stable, and high precision operation.
Solidly Built For High Efficiency and Long Life Specially curated materials and skilled workmanship provide outstanding durability.


Spec Value
Series VDS: Compact Variable Vane Pump
Size 0
Mount B: Flange type mounting
Ring Size 1: 3.94 gpm (1800 min - no load)
Flow Rate Characteristics A: Constant discharge type
Pressure Adjustment Range 1: 145 to 290 psi
Design E11
Weight (lb/kg) 9.9 / 4.5

Values provided may differ based on other specifications. Please consult the product documentation for values specific to the model number.
*Please consult product documentation for specific values

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  1. The direction of the rotation of this pump is clockwise when viewed from the shaft side.
  2. Drain piping must be direct piping up to a point that is below the tank fluid level. Back pressure, due to pipe resistance, should not exceed 4.3 psi.
  3. When adjusting pressure, pressure is increased by clockwise rotation of the adjusting screw and decreased by counter-clockwise rotation. The graph in Table 1 provides general guidelines for the relationship between the rotation angle of the flow rate, adjusting screw, and no load discharge rate.

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