Description: Pilot Operated Double Solenoid Control Valve

The DSA Type Solenoid Controlled Pilot Operated Directional Valve offers a long life operation ensured by use of the high performance, renowned, SS (SA)-G01 wet solenoid valve as the pilot valve.
High Pressure, High Capacity
The 04 size yields up to 79 gpm and the 06 size yields up to 158 gpm.
Low Pressure Loss
An original flow path design provides wide ranging low pressure loss and enhanced system circuit efficiency. Internal modification of the pilot and drain can be accomplished without removing the valve by simply connecting and disconnecting plugs.
Built-In Pilot Pressure Check Valve
When tandem center type valve is used for the internal pilot valve (option), pilot pressure required for switching is self maintained.


Spec Value
Series DSA
Mount G
Diameter 06
Operation Method C: Spring Center
Valve Position 5
Transitioin Flow Path N/A
Pilot Pressure check valve N/A
Auxilary Symbols A: Internal Drain
Power Supply D2: DC24V
Design Number E22
Weight (lb/kg) 33 / 15

Values provided may differ based on other specifications. Please consult the product documentation for values specific to the model number.
*Please consult product documentation for specific values

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  1. The maximum flow rate of each valve depends on the pressure. (See pages D-46 and D-47 in the Data Sheet for details).
  2. Solenoid specifications are the same as those for SS (SA)-G01.

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