Series: VDR Design Series Variable Volume Single Vane Pumps - Design 22

Stable, Highly Efficient Operation Up To 2030 psi
A biased piston that minimizes ring vibration and leak-free pressure balance construction enables highly efficient highpressure operation, and very stable performance up to 2030 psi.
High-Precision Instantaneous Response
Response has been improved by a special bias piston mechanism. Prompt response at both ON-OFF and OFF-ON ensures instantaneous, stable, high-precision operation.
Silent Operation, Even in the High Pressure Range
CQuiet journal bearings, a bias piston that allows a 3-point support system, and new suction and discharge port shapes all contribute to minimize operation noise. Silent, vibration-free operation is ensured, even in the high pressure range.
Reduced Power Loss
A combination of NACHI-original mechanical innovations and precision machining create a pump that minimizes power loss, especially at full cutoff.
Solid Construction Stands Up To Harsh Operating Conditions
The tough and rugged construction of this pump is made possible by a long history of quality pump designs. This, in combination with specially selected materials and skilled workmanship, provides outstanding durability.

NOTE: Ring Size: in the case of 2, max setting pressure is 1015 psi

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