Series: SE Series GRV (PNP), 24VDC Solenoid Valves

This series of SE Solenoid valve features multiple valves with minimal wiring, 200mA holding current (which allows the utilization of I/O and wiring blocks to connect), 40 LPM at 10MPa, an increased flow rate at 10 LPM (higher than earlier models), and low power consumption. It offers low coil temperature elevation which minimizes the effects of heat, minimal chance of coil burnout even with the AC solenoid, and extended durability.
M12-4 pin connector option makes it easier to interface with open networks (e.g., DeviceNet).
TÜV and CE Mark safety standards.

Note: Auxiliary Symbols
GR: Surgeless Type with Indicator Light (Standard)
V: With M12-4 Pin Connector, Load Side - Common

Values provided may differ based on other specifications. Please consult the product documentation for values specific to the model number.
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