Category: Hydraulic Valves

The NACHI Hydraulic Valve features low leakage for high efficiency, extremely stable performance across all pressure ranges, and a maximum operating pressure of 3045 to 5000 psi providing a smooth operation at high pressure. A highly reliable and quiet wet type solenoid valve series is available when the noise and reliability issues of solenoid valves are a problem. A comprehensive pipe-less series provides the ultimate in compact design and reliability. Conformance with ISO recommended dimensions for most gasket installations enables a high degree of international compatibility.

1 Modular Valves

The Modular Valve is designed and engineered to integrate multiple hydraulic valve operations into a single unit which eliminates the need for piping between valves, and enables configuration of a circuit using a single modular valve. The result is an innovative valve system with energy and materials efficiency, reliability, compact configuration, and much more.

Available Product Series:

  Name Series Max Working Pressure
OR Relief Modular Valves OR 3600
ORO Brake Modular Valves ORO 3600
ORD Direct Relief Modular Valves ORD 3600
OG Pressure Reducing Modular Valves OG 3600
OGB Balanced Piston Type Pressure Reducing Modular Valves OGB 3600
OGH Pressure Reducing Modular Valves OGH 5000
OGS Two-Pressure Reducing Modular Valves OGS 3600
OQ Sequence Modular Valves OQ 3600
OCQ Counter Balance Modular Valves OCQ 3600
OW Pressure Switching Modular Valves OW 3600
OCY/OY Flow Regulator Modular Valves OCY/OY 3600
OYH Flow Regulator Modular Valves - M35 Series OYH 5000
OCF/OF Flow Control Modular Valves - Pressure and Temperature Compensated OCF/OF 3600
OC/OVH Check Modular Valves OC/OVH 3600
OCP/OPH Pilot Operated Check Modular Valves OCP/OPH 3600
OK Gauge Modular Blocks OK 3600
OB High-Low System Blocks OB 3600
MOB End Plate, Free Flow Plate, 03/01 Change Plate MOB -
MOB 01, 03 Base Block MOB -

5 Manual Valves

DMA Type Manually Operated Directional Valve

Available Product Series:

  Name Series Max Working Pressure
DMA DMA Type Manual Valves DMA 5000

7 Check Valves

Available Product Series:

  Name Series Max Working Pressure
CA Right Angle Check Valves CA 3000
CN In-line Check Valves CN 3000
CP Pilot Check Valves CP 3000
K Gauge Cock K 5000