Series: SNH Series Non-Leak Type Solenoid Valves

The SNH Series Non-Leak Type Solenoid Valve features no leakage, no pressure loss at high volumes, and high reliability.
Virtually No Internal Leakage
A poppet structure minimizes internal leaks from low pressure to pressure as high as 5075 psi. Enhanced hydraulic circuit efficiency reduces energy.
Minimal Pressure Loss at High Volumes
An original fluid reaction force suppression mechanism is provided for all sizes. Though compact, this valve provides the highest level switching capacity of its class.
High Reliability
A movable iron core, immersed in oil (wet type solenoid), minimizes switching noise and ensures reliable operation.
ISO Standard Mounting Service (01 and 03 Sizes)
The SNH valve can be combined with a modular valve to enable simple configuration of circuits and an overall compact device design.
EC Connector for Improved Switching (06 Size)
Twice the current (starting current) flows to the coil (handling current) during switching which ensures a reliable switching operation. The 06 size is a compact configuration, of the original design, that uses a smaller coil with high output.

Values provided may differ based on other specifications. Please consult the product documentation for values specific to the model number.
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