Series: SAW Series Directional Control Valves with Monitoring Switch (DIN Connected)

The SAW Series valve is a spool activated directional control valve that uses mechanical detection to operate a switch to send an electric ON/OFF signal. This makes it possible, by monitoring the status of the spool operations, to use as an information source for safety checks by using the ON/OFF signal as a basis for sequence control. In the future, they will be used in machinery that is compatible with international machine safety (ISO 12100) and JIS standards (JIS B 9700) standards.

The directional control valve with monitoring switch was developed as a valve to support this demand.
1). The switch contact has little dead zone and almost no temperature drift (variable motion caused by changes in temperature) or hysteresis because the reaction of the spool action is mechanical.
2). All valve functions, except for the monitoring function, are equivalent to the standard solenoid operated directional control valve (SA-G01).

DIN connectors are used for the switches and solenoid coil wiring so connections are easy when installing or replacing valves.

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