Series: SS Series Wet Type Solenoid Directional Valves (Central Terminal Box)

The SS Series Wet Type Solenoid Directional Valve offers a long life, low switching noise, high pressure, and large capacity with minimal pressure loss. Easy connections, easy coil replacement, wide-ranging compatibility, and is compliant with global and international safety regulations (CE, UL, and CSA).

NOTE: Auxiliary Symbols
F: Shockless Type (Available with power supply D* and E*)
G: Surgeless Type (Available with power supply C* and D*)
N: With Manual Push-Button
Q: Quick Return Type (Available with Power Supply E*)
R: Indicator Light (Standard)

*Transition Flow Path: Specify for A2X, A3X, E2X, E3X, H2X, H3X, A3Z, H3Z, E3Z, C7Y only

Values provided may differ based on other specifications. Please consult the product documentation for values specific to the model number.
*Please consult product documentation for specific values